Structural Masonry

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Structural masonry is one of the oldest building methods that exists in construction today. It was used in ancient Egypt to build the pyramids, and across the world in South America for temples. It consists of using masonry, brick, or stone in high volumes so that it becomes self-supporting. It is not only the oldest building method, but also one of the most resistant. In today’s construction, it will oftentimes be connected with a binder material and steel reinforcement in order to add to its resistance.

Why Chose Masonry?

Structural masonry is a method of construction that is very durable and strong. It has load carrying and transfer capabilities making it a great material for a building’s foundation. It is also highly fire and weather resistant. Construction projects erected with masonry typically have a long lifeline with minimal maintenance required. One of the most common masonry materials used in construction is brick, and brick does not absorb water which makes this material more durable than compared to other materials that must be constantly waterproofed to maintain the structural integrity of buildings overtime.

Masonry can save time in the construction process. Since masonry is built on site, it can easily adapt to any changes being made during assembly, and it can be done quickly and efficiently with the right team. It also can be very visually appealing, making it a perfect material for both internal and external parts of a construction project.

Different Types of Masonry

Brick- Structural brick is highly fire, sound and weather resistant as well as energy efficient. Brick structures typically require really low maintenance throughout the years, so even though it may be more costly to build, it saves money in the long run.

Stone Veneer- Stone masonry is strong and durable, and it’s suggested for structures that are being built for high congestion areas. Stone masonry is heavier so therefore building with this material will require more thought and workforce; however, it comes in a variety of shapes and colors giving the finishing look more flexibility and desired beauty.

Concrete blocks- This material is not only fire resistant and strong, but also resistant to mold and insects and is highly energy efficient and sound proof. These blocks come in varying shapes and colors and they can be used for a wide range of construction projects. With concrete blocks, reinforcement steel must be used so construction price may be higher than other materials. Additionally, care must be taken in the construction process because repairing structures built with these blocks can be expensive.

Masonry Inspection

Masonry inspections are a requirement in many projects. Some inspections are requirements set by townships or building departments, others are required by the design professionals, and others may be a requirement by owners of the project to verify that the project is constructed well. These inspections are meant to check for quality of material and work, and to ensure that contractors are following design document specifications.

Third-party inspectors must be certified and have the skills needed to complete the inspections. They are hired to verify that the project meets local building code requirements. They check for proper connections as per design documents. They also confirm that the reinforcement used are in the correct place, and that they are of the correct size and shape. These inspectors will also check the grout and mortar being used; they will check that the quantities and materials meet job specifications. Before the application of grout, they must check that the spaces are clear of any obstacle that will interfere with proper grout placement. On some jobs, it is required to provide compressive strengths of masonry.

Why Are Inspections Important?

Inspections are important for a variety of reasons. These inspections are a safety measure put in place that can save time and money for owners of the project. An inspection program can help identify construction mistakes efficiently. Deviations from design can be remediated as construction happens; errors that go unnoticed may result in delays in the job site and expensive repairs.

When inspections are mandatory by townships or building departments, they are put in place to make sure that local requirements are being met, and that construction is safe for its intended use. Hiring a certified special inspection agency is crucial in getting the final project approved and to avoid any delays or problems with townships and building departments.

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