What is Ferrocement?

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Ferrocement is a construction material consisting of wire meshes and cement mortar. Since it has low self-weight, does not need many skilled workers, and has little need for framework, ferrocement has vast applications. Ferrocement has also come into widespread use because of assured quality, (since the components are manufactured), low cost of maintenance, decreased set up time, and less execution time.

Properties of Ferrocement

Ferrocement has several defining properties. This is a list of just a few:

  • Highly versatile form of reinforced concrete
  • Mesh may be metal or suitable material
  • Strength depends on two factors quality of sand/cement mortar mix and quantity of reinforcing materials used

Advantages of Ferrocement

Some of the advantages of ferrocement are the following:

  • Basic raw materials are readily available in most countries
  • Can be fabricated into any shape
  • Low labour skill required
  • Ease of construction, low weight and long lifetime
  • Low construction material cost
  • Better resistance against earthquakes

Process of Ferrocement Construction

The process of ferrocement construction is fairly straightforward. The first step consists of fabricating the skeletal framing system. This provides the ferrocement with the strength and structural integrity. The next step is applying rods and meshes. By doing this, the ferrocement is given additional structure and framing for any particular job needs. The third step is plastering where the ferrocement is mixed to create a lined, smooth surface wherever it is poured. Lastly, the final step is curing where the ferrocement undergoes the hardening and drying process to produce the finalized product.


Ferrocement is a great option for structural engineering. Its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance costs can truly benefit many applications. However, this is something which needs to be discussed and assessed by the structural engineer on your project. These licensed professionals are able to determine whether ferrocement would appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

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