HT 225 Concrete Test Hammer

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We all know that testing the concrete of our projects is an essential part of construction. Testing old concrete is also important to ensure that our homes foundation remains durable and strong even after many years. Sometimes sending our concrete to a lab is too time consuming and we need a faster option, and that faster option is the HT 225 Concrete Test Hammer.

What is a Concrete Test Hammer?

A concrete test hammer is a tool used to acquire measurements about concrete without destroying it. This tool provides measurements of surface hardness and the compressive strength of concrete. The hammer is appropriate to use with materials such as concrete, rock, and many other building materials. It allows for concrete to be tested in a easy way. It is also economically reasonable.

The concrete test hammer tests for the quality of the concrete based on its compressive strength. The hammer is quick and easy to use, and it will provide you with an accurate measurement of the compressive strength of the concrete. The hammer also lets you know where the concrete has decreased in strength. It will also tell you what parts of the concrete have damage to them. 

How is a Concrete Test Hammer used?

Performing a concrete test with the concrete test hammer is quite simply. The hammers piston must be pushed against the hardened concrete until it triggers a spring mechanism that releases a hammer mass. The mass hits the piston which releases a strong energy into the concrete. When the hammer bounces back, an indicator on the hammer will tell you the estimated strength of the concrete. Reading the results are also quite simple and instructions should be provided with the hammer.

Why Should You Use a Concrete Test Hammer?

You should use a concrete test hammer because it is a way to make sure your concrete will stand the load without having to send concrete to the lab. A concretes compressive strength is responsible for the structure’s durability. As property owners we want our properties to stand strong for as long as possible with little to no problems. 

Testing hardened concrete is also important to make sure that the structure will tolerate whatever load comes with its intended use. Will your property be able to carry all the things its intended to carry? The concrete test hammer can give you results that will give you peace of mind.

Structures that have been around for a long time should also be inspected after many years of exposure to different stressors and varying weather. Making sure that your concrete is still strong after many years can help you catch any issues while there is still time to fix them.

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