How To Make Concrete Molds?

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Concrete can be used to make such a wide variety of things. It is an excellent material because it is easily molded into anything. It can be used to make anything from art to sidewalks and buildings. 

Creating concrete structures is not as easy as just pouring concrete over a desired area. It requires a concrete mold to ensure that the structure is made correctly and looks good. The concrete will take the shape of the mold and give you exactly the look you’re searching for.

What Are Concrete Molds? 

Concrete molds are molds that are used to shape the concrete you are working with. The concrete will adopt the shape of the mold as it cures. Concrete molds are used to give concrete its finishing shape. In the creation of concrete slabs, walls, sidewalks, and any other big project, molds are called forms.

What Are Concrete Molds Made of? 

Concrete molds can be made from a variety of different materials. The material chosen for any project should be a material that does not get stuck to the concrete after cured. If the material sticks, it risks damaging the finished project. The material should also be able to hold the concrete in place and withstand the pressure coming from the curing concrete. 

For big projects, forms are usually created out of wood. Other materials that are also used to create concrete molds are melamine, liquid rubber, foam, fiberglass, steel, amongst others. Before beginning your project, make sure to get the correct material for your specific project type. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Mold

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of mold material. There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the type of material for your project. As mentioned previously, wood is typically the material used in the creation of big projects such as side walks or concrete slabs.

Does your project require a smooth finish? A shiny surface? A matte look? You’ll want to choose a material that will give you the desired finished look. For example, for projects that desire a shiny look, a glass mold would be best.

How To Make a Concrete Mold? 

To make a concrete mold, its as easy as following the directions of the material you will be working with. Making sure you have all the correct measurements is a must. If your mold is not perfect, you will not be able to re-use the concrete poured. You will need to buy new material and start over, so being accurate is an absolute must. 

The creation of the mold is the easy part, mixing and pouring the concrete is where things could go wrong. Make sure to contact a professional if you have any doubts about the mixing/pouring process so that your finished product is durable and well made. 

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