Concrete Cylinder Compression Test

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Have you ever wondered how buildings are able to stand so much weight? The constant added pressure of furniture or individuals walking or jumping? Some buildings even have car garages that can withstand the weight of many cars. How can we ensure that the building can withstand all that weight without crumbling? The answer is concrete cylinder compression tests performed during the construction process.

What is a Concrete Cylinder Compression Test?

A concrete cylinder compression test is a test that checks the strength of curing concrete. It is tested during the pouring process of concrete. The test is done to make sure that the strength of the concrete is accepted by the building code requirements. This test is completed multiple times using more than one sample in order to make sure that the strength of the concrete meets requirements during various trials. If the strength does not meet the requirements. Steps need to be taken to ensure that the concrete meets the necessary strength.

Concrete cylinder compression tests are basically used to verify that concrete being delivered to a construction project meets the strength requirements and quality for what the building is meant to be used for.

How are Concrete Cylinder Compression Tests Administered?

Cylinder blocks of poured concrete are filled and taken to a lab. Technicians in a laboratory examine the concrete cylinders to make sure that they are not defective. They prepare the samples and put them in the hydraulic compression testing machine. The machine then compresses the sample until it breaks down to determine the strength of the concrete samples. The test is generally done after 3 days, 7 days, and 28 days after installation to establish the concretes compressive strength.

Why are Cylinder Compression Tests used?

Cylinder compression tests are a critical step in construction. That makes sure the concrete being used is suitable for the job the structure is being built for. After the tests have been performed, the results tell you the calculated compressive strength, the age of the specimen at the time of the test, and anything that should be considered abnormal that may need fixing. The results you receive can be used for verifying the strength of the mixture proportion, the quality of the concrete, to determine when a structure can be used safely, or to schedule the removal of forms/shoring.

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