What Is A Concrete Cube Test?

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Has there ever been a time when you wandered exactly how a building can withstand so much pressure? How can a skyscraper hold itself up while also withstanding the pressure of furniture and people? I’ve found myself wondering the same thing, and the answer is that the concrete is tested for its compressive strength. This test is called a Concrete Cube test.

What is a Concrete Cube Test?

A concrete cube test is a test used to determine the compressive strength of concrete. A compressive test determines the ability for concrete to carry a lot of weight without cracking or breaking down. 

The test requires fresh concrete to be poured into cubes. The concrete is cured, and then tested after 7 and 28 days. The results let professionals know if the concrete being used has the sufficient strength required for the project or if the concrete needs to be reassessed and corrected. 

How is Cube Testing Done? 

The requirement for testing varies depending on what the project is. The necessary concrete strength is different depending on if your project is a regular home, or a big commercial or industrial building. 

First, the concrete is poured into a cube mold. It is then taken to a special lab where the sample is fixed to make sure that it has no gaps. The sample is then taken out of the mold and allowed to cure as per project specifications. After curing, the surface of the sample is smoothed out and the sample is then placed into a compression testing machine. In the machine, the strength of the concrete is measured by adding weight onto the sample until it breaks or cracks.

Why Is A Concrete Cube Test Important?

The concrete cube test is important because it allows professionals to know whether the concrete was made correctly. It also lets professionals know when the building will be ready for use. If the concrete does not meet the strength requirements for the specified project, then it lets professionals know that they must fix the formula used when creating the concrete. There are several factors that determine the strength of concrete. These factors are things like water-to-cement ratio, the strength of the cement being used, and the quality of the concrete material.

Even though testing takes 28 days and that seems like a long time to wait to be able to continue construction, it’s a very important and necessary test. Its important to check a buildings integrity and the very first think to check is the concrete that makes the foundation of any project.

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