Structural Steel Detailing Companies

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Steel detailing is the process of drawing the concept of a steel structure. Steel detail drawings are provided to steel fabricators to create steel pieces that are the correct size and orientation. These drawings are also provided to steel erectors for the steel pieces to be put together correctly at the construction site. The job of the steel detailer is crucial because one mistake can delay the whole construction process. These drawings are what makes the whole project come together and smoothly; getting these drawings done correctly is what will guarantee the success of a project. 

But how do we know what structural steel detailing company to choose from?

There Are Different Styles of Steel Detailing

When you are looking for a steel detailing company, make sure you know which style of steel detailing you are looking for. There are two types, erection drawings and shop drawings. Erection drawings are provided to steel erectors for the erector to put all the pieces together on the job site. It details how to arrange all the pieces and provides specific instructions needed during or after the assembly of all the pieces. 

Shop drawings are utilized in the creation of the actual steel pieces. These drawings give detailed descriptions of the shape and size of each piece, how to make the steel, what materials to use, and anything else that goes along with the creation of steel. 

Check the Companies Qualifications

Making sure that the company has experience and is familiar with specific requirements for your project is a must. Companies must be familiar with any rules, protocols, or standards that exist in the area and for your specific project. These companies must always provide architects or structural engineers with the drawings first before handing them over to any fabrication company to get approval. These standards could be anything from AISC, ASTM, NDS, CISC, BS, Euro Codes, to any other specifications depending on your area. Ensuring that the company you work with is fully knowledgeable on these standards can help save you headaches, time, and money down the road. 

What Software Is Used?

Knowing the companies’ resources is also vital. Make sure to know which software the company uses, and that it is exactly what your project will benefit from. These companies should be prepared to analyze the design and point out any possible issues that they see to ensure that the construction runs smoothly. Selecting a company that uses and excels at 3D drawings is most beneficial because it ensures accuracy and fast turnaround times. 

Check The Companies Experience

There are many companies that offer steel detailers. However, doing a thorough background check on the company is always a great idea when getting ready to make a selection. A companies past experience and past costumer reviews will let you know the quality of their work throughout the project. This can help you avoid companies that do not meet deadlines, make mistakes that delay construction, and more. If you have a big project, making sure that the company has already done something similar will also let you know that they are familiar with your specific project. Getting a clear understanding of the company will let you know what to expect from them. 

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