Moisture Damage

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Moisture or water damage is more common than property owners think. It’s also one of the things that should be dealt with as soon as it’s noticed. Moisture is detrimental to the structural integrity of a property’s foundation, and it can also lead to serious health issues. Learning how to detect moisture damage can save you from future costly repairs and maintain health issues at bay.

What Causes Moisture Damage?

Moisture damage can be caused by a variety of factors. It can be caused by age related deterioration of protective layers in combination with a lack of maintenance. A broken plumbing system can have leaks behind walls that aren’t noticeable right away. Gutters and downspouts that are not regularly checked or that are not installed correctly can fail and allow water to seep into the foundation. Periodically checking the plumbing system and gutters in a property is an important step in avoiding water damage. Additionally, sealing any cracks on the exterior of the property that can allow water in will prevent water from seeping in. Lastly, regular maintenance of any waterproofing systems such as sump pumps will also help prevent structural damage caused by excess moisture.

Natural events can also lead to water damage. Old foundation walls affected by moisture are more susceptible to serious damage. Floods caused by heavy rain or hurricanes can impact your home negatively, especially if they are a regular occurrence. Heavy rain and a leaky roof can also contribute to this damage. Having the appropriate external and internal waterproofing methods on your home can help minimize damage caused during natural disasters, or any other factors that can allow water to seep in to your property and jeopardize it.

Signs Of Moisture Damage

There are many signs that you can look out for to tell if there is moisture damage on your property:

Water Stains on walls and ceilings- Moisture stains are usually yellow or brown. The stain is darker when the water causing the damage is recent. This usually happens when there is water behind the walls. These dark stains can sometimes be hidden by wallpaper so removing sections might help you detect these stains. Additionally, stains and streaks around doors or windows might result from unsealed cracks around these elements of the structure that allow water to seep through.

Unidentified dripping sounds, High water bills, or loss of water pressure– This can be the earliest warning sign to detect to avoid extensive water damage. If you hear dripping noises and are unable to locate the source, you may have plumbing issues that should be resolved right away before any significant damage is caused to either the foundation or the plumbing system. Similarly, if the water bill is higher with no explanation or your water pressure has decreased, calling a professional plumber to investigate is essential.

Damaged paint- Flaking or bubbling paint or swollen and soft drywalls are signs of water damage. This happens when moisture is coming from within the walls of the property. Having this checked by a professional is important because damage may have already been done deep inside the walls and structural problems may arise.

Mold or musty smells/Health Problems- If your basement has mold, or has a musty smell, you probably have moisture seeping in from somewhere. It’s important to hire a professional to find the moisture source to resolve it before any costly structural damage can occur. Additionally, mold can create a series of health problems like allergies, headaches, or respiratory problems. Exposure to mold is even more dangerous for individuals with respiratory medical conditions. Resolving the root causes of mold growth can help prevent any health problems for those living in the property.

Cracked or crumbling basement walls- The foundation of a property prevents groundwater from entering the property. When external waterproofing systems begin to fail, water seeps into the foundation and can weaken it resulting in cracks on the walls or floor of the basement.

Unexplained humidity- Walls or other surfaces that are damp to the touch without an explanation can be a sign of moisture issues in your property that will lead to damage.

Cracking, splitting, or rusting wooden elements/Rusty steel elements- Wood absorbs water and with time it begins to damage and rot. Additionally, steel rusts with excessive exposure to moisture so any rusty steel in the home can be an indicator that you need a professional to find your moisture source to resolve any issues.

Call a Professional

Doing a regular inspection of your property yourself to monitor any issues is a great way to stay ahead of serious structural issues that may arise from water damage; however, do not delay in calling a professional. Taking care that your foundation stays dry is essential for the health of any structure. Property owners have various method options available to them, but consulting with a professional will help tackle the problem at its root and prevent further costly repairs. Don’t wait until the damage has created serious issues in your home . Does your property have signs of water damage? Call Sabio Engineering Services and let us help you ensure the structural integrity of your property.

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