How are Concrete Structures Designed?

Jul 23, 2021 | Structural services | 0 comments

If you’ve walked throughout any major city, you’ve most certainly seen buildings constructed from concrete. These buildings are constantly being erected all over the world. However, have you ever wondered how these cool buildings are designed? Well, in this article, we will discuss just that!


The absolute very first step in developing a concrete building is design. During this initial stage, architects and structural engineers need to consider all demands the structure will endure throughout its useful life. These factors include weight, strength, and stability. Weight particularly refers to how much load will be placed on all floors of the building. This is related to the amount of people, weight of furniture, etc. Strength and stability come hand in hand because the concrete floors and walls become the structure of the actual building. If a concrete building has weak walls or floors, there may be excess weight placed on any area. This can be a cause for concern and endanger all occupants of the building.


Concrete buildings are made with metal forms that hold the concrete in place while it cures. The forms are set into place and then braced. Reinforcing the concrete typically requires rebar, grooved steel rods of varying thickness to be placed inside the forms. Some buildings are constructed of poured concrete pillars and floors, with other materials used to construct the walls.

Quality Control and Construction Inspection

During construction, it is the job of the inspector to verify the contractor is following the recipe provided by the design team. Materials should be verified; placement of reinforcement needs to be checked and the consistency of the concrete needs to be sample tested to verify the strength required is met. Current codes call for a special inspector who works on behalf of the owner and oversees the contractor during the job. The Sabio Engineering team can offer qualified concrete construction inspectors. Call us to review your project today! 

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