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If you are purchasing a new home or even building one, chances are that the process is both exciting and daunting. One of the most common questions which comes up is: when do I need a structural engineer? This is an important question as it can save you both time and money in the home buying or construction process.

Home Structural Engineer Inspections

Structural engineers are not usually the first to be called. In most cases, contractors, inspectors, and architects, (who all possess different responsibilities), are the first to be consulted. However, a home structural engineer is different because of what they are specially trained to asses. Home structural engineers are trained to look for issues with load-bearing walls, foundations, and other areas relating to structural integrity. Home structural engineers are generally more helpful when the structural integrity of a home is called into question.

Home structural engineers are trained to evaluate the outside forces on a home, like wind, gravity, temperature, air pressure, and any other factors which may affect the structure of a home. After evaluating the home for those external forces, a home structural engineer will then determine whether the structure is strong enough to withstand those forces. Although contractors and inspectors will detect problem, structural engineers will diagnose the severity of those problems and how they can impact a home. Furthermore, a structural engineer will determine a plan on how to solve the problems experienced by a structure.

When to Consult a Home Structural Engineer

The next common question is when you should consult a home structural engineer? Well, the general rule is that if there are any alterations or additions being considered for the structure of a home, then a home structural engineer is needed. Structural engineers will determine whether building that extra room you’ve been dreaming of, can be built without affecting the structural integrity of your home. It is always important to be mindful that consulting a home structural engineer is critical when you are thinking of removing possible load-bearing walls. Removing these walls can cause significant issues to a home’ structural integrity, if not planned meticulously.

Here’s an example of a scenario where you might want to consider a home structural engineer. Let’s say you are a homeowner considering the installation of solar panels onto your roofing. Seems simple enough right? Wrong! If those solar panels are placed recklessly on the roof of your home, you will most likely suffer because most roofs cannot support the weight of solar panels along with maintenance. Now, if you consulted a home structural engineer, they would assess how much weight your roof can support and what sort of reinforcement is necessary for your roof to support those solar panels.

When a contractor or inspector identifies structural damage, a home structural engineer will identify the cause of that damage, the severity of that damage, and how to fix it. Therefore, keeping a structural engineer handy on any project affecting the structural integrity of a home is paramount if you want to avoid issues or unnecessary costs!

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