Home Inspections vs Structural Inspections

May 11, 2023 | Structural services | 0 comments

Whether you’re selling or buying any type of structure, or simply looking to maintain the integrity of one you already own, getting it inspected is an important step Understanding the difference between a home inspection and a structural inspection and when they’re needed is important. Getting the correct inspection for your property can help save you a lot of headaches and money down the line

Home Inspection:

A home inspection is an inspection done by a certified home inspector. This is usually the first inspector you contact during the process. This inspection checks the overall condition of the whole property, the exterior and the interior. It is typically done before purchasing a new home to make sure that the building is in good condition. During the home inspection, they check for any signs of foundation issues, signs of water damage, roof defects and any problems with electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems. After the home inspector is done, they write a report that details what they found and usually recommend any professional that should come in to inspect specific problem areas. His recommendations will help detect any problems that should be fixed before finalizing any deals.

Sometimes, getting a home inspection before starting any renovation projects in your property will also come with benefits. During any renovation construction, things that need to be repaired can be done as an additional part of the construction, saving you time and money later.

Structural Inspection:

A structural inspection is an inspection done by a professional structural engineer. This inspection takes place to assess the current condition of the structure of a building. The focus during this inspection is the foundation, the framing, and the roofing of the property and their ability to carry the design loads, and to identify age related damage and moisture damage A structural inspection should be performed whenever a home inspector identifies any issues with a property during the buying process, or whenever you notice possible signs of foundation deficiencies in your home. You should also get a structural inspection after any natural disasters to make sure that no damage was caused to the structure.

After an inspection, the structural engineer will write a report. A written report will be a certified document that lets sellers, buyers, and contracting companies know what the issues are, and how to repair these issues at the lowest cost possible. A report is the recipe that all parties must follow when looking to fix any damage found; this safeguards that no unnecessary work is done or proposed by any party.

You may also want to check the structural health of a structure you currently own. Much like anything in life, regular checkups and maintenance of a property will guarantee a lengthy lifespan of that property. Getting a structural report quickly will help you avoid serious structural issues that will be more expensive to repair later. Similarly, if you’re looking to remodel, or make an addition to the property, getting a structural report is essential to confirm that the current structure is healthy and will be able to tolerate any changes or additions.

Which Inspection is Right for You?

Property sellers and/or buyers should carry out both inspections to get complete reassurance that the property being sold meets everybody’s expectations. A home inspection is mandatory in most places prior to selling a home; however, adding a structural inspection will cover the property completely. The home inspection is a general checkup of structural, mechanical, electrical, and other systems of the property. The structural inspection is a more specific checkup of structural components of a property.

In other cases, Structural engineers are not usually the first to be called. In most cases, contractors, inspectors, and architects are the first to be consulted. Although contractors and inspectors will detect problems, structural engineers will diagnose the severity of those problems and how they can impact a home. Furthermore, a structural engineer will determine a plan on how to solve the problems experienced by a structure.

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