Fiber-reinforced polymer Materials

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Fiber reinforced polymer materials are materials that reinforce structures by adding strength while being a light load. Fiber reinforced polymer materials are complex materials that usually contain strong fibers connected in a matrix. The fibers strengthen materials and carry most of the weight of the structure. The matrix that connects the fibers works like a bond that protects the fibers and allows for the transfer of stress from one fiber to the other. Fiber reinforced polymers are nonconductive, noncorrosive, and light in weight. The most common used fibers are glass, carbon, and synthetic fibers. These materials are usually applied in aging, damaged, or overloaded concrete structures and usually replaces metallic material in many structural applications where the load is a point of importance. These materials provide professionals with solutions for aging and weakening issues in concrete structures. It also allows engineers to ensure that a building can continue to be functional and safe in a way that is cost effective. 

What are Fiber Reinforced Polymer Materials used for?

These materials are typically used to strengthen concrete slabs, beams, walls and new wall openings being created, columns, and chimneys among other things. They can also be used to strengthen reinforced concrete as well as pre-stressed or post-tensioned concrete. 

Why are These Materials used? 

The main benefit that comes with using fiber reinforced polymer materials is that it will add strength to a structure in an easy and light way. It is also cost effective. These materials can also be added without taking the building apart; the building can be fully functional while these materials are applied.

Types of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Materials

  1. Glass fiber reinforced polymer is generally good for impact resistance but it weighs more than the other two types. The characteristics of this type of material are usually as good or better than steel appliances. 
  2. Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer is a material that has high modulus of elasticity, it is not water absorbent and are unaffected by chemicals. They also are capable of withstanding fatigue and it does not corrode with ease. This type of material is typically used in structures that are exposed to forces that may facilitate corrosion. For example, structures such as underwater piping use carbon reinforced polymer materials. 
  3. Aramid Fiber reinforced polymer is a material that does not do well with high temperatures and moisture, so this type of material is very rarely used in construction. 

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