Why BIM is Important in Construction

Jan 25, 2021 | bim modeling | 0 comments

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. This is a way of collaborating on a building project through the generation and sharing of information. In a previous post, we discussed what BIM is and now we’ll highlight why it is important.

BIM is strongly associated with the creation of 3-D building models which allow architects, contractors, project owners, and other parties to visualize finished projects. By offering an actual model to view, all project parties can point out potential issues and resolve them before they emerge. This avoids costly delays and mistakes during construction. 

When using BIM for building projects, design and construction teams can work together more efficiently. If the design team makes a change to the BIM model, then the construction team can address those changes quickly. As a result, this reduces the potential delays from teams not being able to communicate. By using BIM data, planning and resource allocation can be coordinated more effectively by construction teams. 

Lastly, BIM is helpful in construction because it provides a reference for construction teams. While they are in the process of building, they can refer to the BIM model and make any adjustments when needed. This is much easier than when using sketches or blueprints, which can be interpreted incorrectly or misread. Furthermore, it keeps everyone on the same page. Having agreement among different teams is important during a project. Ant sort of miscommunication can derail a project quickly or create unforeseen problems. if you want learn how does bim save money, just click.

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